North Avenue Collection Series


Casement Windows

A side-hinged window that opens outward for ventilation.


  • Smooth and simple to operate
  • Triple seal to protect against inclement weather
  • Opens a full 90° to allow maximum airflow and easy cleaning
  • Optional fold-away handles that won’t interfere with your blinds or draperies
  • Top quality “Pruth” maximum arm Rotergear for safe and easy opening.
  • Has a full glass appearance.

Awning Windows

A top-hinged window that swings outward for ventilation


  • An excellent choice to bring fresh air and sunshine into smaller rooms.
  • Heavy-Duty Roto-Operator and hinges for ultimate performance.
  • Triple Weather-Seals to protect against inclement weather conditions.
  • Optional as Multi-Point locking system.

Double Hung Tilt Windows

Hung windows move vertically, up and down. A double-hung window has two sashes that move up and down with a tilt option, where the sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning.


  • Tilt windows can be tilted from either side.
  • A Great choice for a smooth vertically opening window.
  • Full screener system to prevent mosquitoes or other unwanted bugs or insects from entering the home.
  • Cartridge Spring Coil balance mechanism to ensure strength and durability through the toughest weather conditions.
  • Also available as a Simple Tilt Window.

Double Tilt Sliders

Windows in which the sashes slide horizontally and can be ‘tilted’ to the interior (or removed) for easy cleaning.


  • A reliable, energy efficient, easy to clean window with no weather stripping that prevents drafts and the infiltration of dust.
  • No tools or assembly required.
  • Triple Fibre Fix Seal for proven protection against water and leakages.
  • Innovative locking shoe provides safe and silent operation.
  • Also available as a Single Tilt Slider.

Fix Case Windows

Fixed case windows are those that do not open. They have the same basic design and appearance, but they do not offer the feature of ventilation. They are strictly installed to allow sunlight to fill that part of the house, they also improve the general look of the home. The frame and all other aspects of Fix case windows are exactly the same as regular casement windows, but fixed versions serve more of an ornamental purpose.

Fix Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open. They are used to let in a lot of light and to take advantage of a view. Picture windows are often used in combination with operating windows.

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window is a vertical slider in which the top pane of glass is fixed and the bottom sash moves. In some designs, the sash tilts in for ease of cleaning.

Single Slider Windows

A single slider window is fixed (not openable) on one side and the other side glides open to the left or right. A double slider window can be opened on either side. In both cases, the slidable sashes are removable for easy cleaning.


Recessed Tilt Latches

Your operating sash tilts in for easy cleaning from inside your home. Our recessed design maintains a clean and attractive sight line in your window.

Cam Locks

Heavy duty 180 degree locking cams pull your sashes tightly together for a great seal!

Self-Sealing Drain Covers

Built in flaps let water out and close tightly to resist air infiltration and insect penetration.


Fiberglass mesh screen snaps snuggly inside the frame preventing mosquitos or other unwanted insects from entering your home.

LoE and energy efficient glazing options

Alliance windows are available in a wide selection of glazing options. LoE keeps your home warm and cozy in the winter by reflecting heat back into your home. In the summer LoE keeps your home cool and comfortable by rejecting the sun’s heat and damaging rays, which will prevent your curtains, carpets and furniture from fading.

Cool in Summer Warm in Winter
In the summer, LoE prevents solar heat gain and reduces ultraviolet transmission. In the winter, the warm room air is deflected back inside the home.

North Avenue Window Ratings

Casement Window Rating: A3, B7, C5 North Avenue Premium Casement
D. H. Rating : A2, B2, C3 Widths: 12″ – 38″ Height : 16″ – 76″
Picture Rating : Fixed, B7, C2 14″ Height Minimum with single point Lock
High Fixed rating: Fixed, B7, C3 North Avenue Premium Awning
D. Slider: A2, B2, C3 Widths: 19 3/4″ – 48″ Heights: 16″ – 48″
CSA Approved, NFRC Certified 14″ Height Minimum with single point Lock
Energy Star Certified

Transferable & Non-Prorated Lifetime Window Warranty

Alliance Window are manufactured and are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship including frame, sash, sealed units and hardware for a full non-prorated Lifetime.

We guarantee all our professional installations with a lifetime guarantee. This is your assurance of many years of trouble-free operation.



Multi-chambered Profiles

Designed for energy savings, extra strength and maximum insulation. Engineered for maximum light penetration without sacrificing strength.

Computer Controlled Precision Miter Cutting

Frame and Sash are welded simultaneously for a perfect fit.


The frames feature 3 1/4″ standard frame depth for retrofit installations. (Sliding brickmold with nailfin is an available option for new construction.)


Ultra Operator with Fold-Away Handle

Our standard Ultra Operator is heavy duty, functional and beautiful. The sleek styling allows the handle to fold into a recess in the casing for a clean look allowing clearance from your window coverings!

Superior Triple Seal Weather Stripping

High pile is designed to let the water run out while preventing insects from entering. Neoprene bulb seal is the ideal compression seal. Dual neoprene interior and central compression seals are air and water tight!

Aluminum Reinforced Frame

Ensures the casement hardware is securely anchored into the vinyl frame with special cut screws threading into the aluminum, as well as the vinyl.


High Performance Glass

Choose Solar Gain Low E for free solar heat or Solar Shield Low E for reducing solar heat gain. Argon and Krypton Gas fillings will maximize heat savings! Ask how E-Clean Glass uses the energy of the sun to reduce dirt on your glass! KeepSafe® Glass in the laminate of choice for security, quiet and safety!

3/4, 7/8″ Double Glazed Glass and 1 3/8″ Triple Glazed Overall Insulated Glass

results in superior thermal performance. Our optional high performance triple glass with a 1 3/8″ overall seal unit has two 1/2″ air spaces. With Argon Gas and double Solar Shield Low E, this results in a 8.2R (.12U) value.

Triple Bond Glazing System

A flexible Neoprene Dual Durometer hugs the glass (Marine Glazing technique). An exterior wet glazing tape and an interior silicone full perimeter bead provide a great seal! It provides the ultimate in performance and is made for life!

Custom Colors

A selection of grill options that add value & style






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